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personal financial management

Take control of your finances.

Organize your financial information all in one place with ALEC’s Personal Financial Manager tool. With the Personal Financial Manager, you can add all your accounts, regardless of where they are held, giving you a 360° view of your entire financial picture.

The benefits of Personal Finance Manager include:

Tracking of your net worth, budget, and goals all in one location.

Balance and transaction alerts.

Management of your monthly subscriptions.

Financial and savings advice based on your personalized budget.

How to Enroll:

When logged into Online Banking or the Mobile App, click on Personal Finance Manager at the top of the screen.
Re-enter your login credentials for online banking.
Please accept the Personal Finance Manager terms and conditions.
After completing these steps, you are automatically enrolled in Personal Finance Manager and can begin entering your third-party account and budget information.

Personal Finance Manager (PFM) FAQs

You may also download the FAQs as a pdf file.

What is Personal Finance Manager (PFM)?

Personal Finance Manager is a tool that allows you to organize all your financial information in one place. Include all your accounts, regardless of where they are held, giving you an integrated view of your entire financial picture.

Why should I use Personal Finance Manager?

PFM can help you simplify your financial life. It can give you a clear, consolidated, up-to-date picture of your personal finances to help you and your Financial Advisor make informed, timely decisions. Track all your online investment, retirement, banking, insurance, mortgage, loan, and credit card accounts from a secure, convenient dashboard accessed through online banking. There is no need to visit multiple sites to get current information.

Consolidate all your financial resources into a single, holistic view. To gain this singular view, you should enroll all your financial accounts. This tool aggregates information from more than 18,000 data sources, so you can include assets together with liabilities, and even non-liquid assets.

Quickly log into your financial institutions’ website to retrieve your transactions and balances.

Dashboard – Gives you a consolidated view of your assets and liabilities held online at financial institutions.
Holdings – Details your investment holdings across financial institutions.
Accounts – Lets you view all the accounts that you have enrolled in PFM.
How often is account information updated?

Held-away account information is updated in real-time. Online Banking account information is updated on a nightly basis.

How do I enroll?

If you have a registered Online Banking User ID, there are several ways that you can enroll. First, you can self-enroll by clicking on the Personal Finance Manager link, you will be presented with the Personal Finance Manager Terms & Conditions. Once you accept the terms, you are automatically enrolled, it's that easy.

Is there a fee to use PFM?

This tool is free-of-charge to all our members.

Is Personal Finance Manager secure?

This service uses industry-leading policies, practices, and technologies to protect the privacy and security of your personal information against unauthorized access or disclosure and inappropriate alteration or misuse. Data storage and transmission are protected using one of the strongest encryption methods available (128-bit SSL).

What types of accounts can I add?

PFM accepts account data from over 18,000 data sources, so you can enroll all your accounts, regardless of where they are held, and view your entire financial life right from Online Banking. You can add many types of accounts, including online investment, retirement, banking, insurance, mortgage, loan, and credit card accounts, as well as non-liquid assets such as real estate, automobiles, and jewelry. Non-liquid assets can be added as offline accounts, at your discretion.

How do I add my ALEC accounts?

After accepting the Terms & Conditions, your ALEC accounts are automatically populated. Accounts may take up to two business days to populate and appear.

Why are my ALEC assets not immediately showing?

Internal ALEC accounts may take up to two business days to populate and appear.

Can I reclassify my tracked accounts?

You can reclassify your external accounts, however, internal account classifications come directly from the Credit Union and are unable to be modified. You still have the option, however, to nickname the accounts Online. These nicknames will feed into PFM.

Can I track alternatives, insurance, etc. using this tool?

If the Financial Institution has online client access and we support the data source, the accounts can be tracked by Personal Finance Manager. Please note: very few (if any) alternative assets, such as Private Equity/Hedge Funds, have online access portals and cannot be included.

How do I disable email alerts?

You can disable email alerts so that you do not receive emails when an account harvesting failure alert is outstanding. This can be done by setting the alert frequency to “Never” on the Profile screen. You cannot disable the Alerts completely, however, as they are used to troubleshoot issues with your Personal Finance Manager services.

Why does my profile show as “Incomplete”?

Once you have added the accounts, if your profile still shows as incomplete, please click on the profile bar which will open a list of all the possible account types that can be added. The account types that have been added will have a check mark next to them. For those account types that have a plus sign next to them, you can choose to click on “I don’t have one.” This will gray out that account type and move the progress bar further. Once all the accounts have either been added or it’s been indicated that you do not have the account, the bar and the profile will be complete.